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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  February 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the ground is not frozen from the very mild winter, so the last little bit of this storm is the one we have to be concerned with. temperatures start to draw closer to freezing. the system is winding down in western maryland, but as we can see, there is still somewhat snowed to contend with. it might get a little tricky with falling temperatures. 33 and parked in an cockeysville, 32 in westminster. where it is close to freezing, winter weather advisory remains in effect for another hour or two. potential is there for an injured to a slushy snow to accumulate. that means it is before an inch bork's two. the tail -- 4 and -- that means the potential for an inch or two.
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>> as you mentioned yesterday in the forecast, you said it would be snowing today, but it did hit the sidewalks and is melting. so far, that is the case here. you can feel it is getting colder. there is one thing road crews have plenty of right now, that is all. this mild winter has called for very little use of the stuff, and salt domes and the city to the county are full. what the state has been doing before the snow is pretreat the road. >> what it does is sprayed a thin layer of concentrated salt water on the roads and it creates a fella that prevents the initial and bonding of -- creates a faifilm that preventse initial bonding of snow and ice. >> we brought in snowblower
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since early september people we have increased the sales of those over last year, even without snowfall. everybody's just trying to get prepared so they don't have to look for these women actually does start selling. >> the pope -- don't have to look for these when it actually does start up snowing. >> i don't worry about it. if it snows, we shovel it out. >> we have been pretty lucky so far. we have to take what ever we are going to get, so just be ready. >> that is the secret, just be ready. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> be sure to check the bottom of your screen throughout the newscast for weather-related closings and cancellations tonight. try our interactive radar and check out the new snow live we on our website,
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stay ahead of winter weather using facebook. you can search for updates and get the insta-weather forecast. >> we told you about last night at 11:00 as breaking news. authorities are investigating the discovery of a newborn baby's body inside a dumpster in bellaire. police said they were alerted by the mother. barry simms is live with the latest. >> according to police, the mother told them that she could the fetus in the dumpster. she said it was stillborn. the memorial is small. the message, may god hold you in his arms, little one. someone placed this sympathetic tribute near this dumpster were summoned -- where a fetus was found. >> is pretty horrible. i don't understand it. >> those in the 900 block of
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sablewood word say that word spread -- of sablewood road said the word spread quickly on facebook. an adult female contacted baltimore county police claiming she had put the fetus there. baltimore county police, harford county sheriff's deputies, and bellaire police were directed by woman who said she had given birth earlier that day to an infant that was stillborn, to check the trash bin. they found a package, a plastic bag containing the fetus. >> police will not say much more about the unidentified female. they said the birth happened at the home of a relative of the woman. they are not releasing where. they took the woman to upper chesapeake medical center for treatment.
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know, it is so weird guy you would put it in a dumpster. >> -- why you would put it in a dumpster. >> the woman is very cooperative with us and indicates that the baby was stillborn. to prove otherwise, that is why the autopsy examination is being conducted. >> results from that autopsy might not come back for about a month. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> after to link the days of jury selection, opening statements began today in the murder trial of george huguely. according to prosecutors, one of his angry e-mails to his ex- girlfriend, yeardley love says "i should have killed you." lowell melser is live in charlottesville where testimony is underway. >> testimony continues at this hour. i am told last witness of the day is currently testifying.
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it has certainly been a very, very long day, one where we saw the jury finally seated, and opening statements from the commonwealth of virginia, calling it is first witnesses, including yeardley love's mother. as evidence is presented, opening statements by both sides take the better of two hours wednesday morning. virginia commonwealth attorney warner chapman's statement of this around the night glove was found cadet corps -- tonight love was found dead. one e-mail contained a " i should have killed you." huguely attorney, francis lawrence, said their relationship was an on-again,
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off-again one where they cheated on each other throughout, and that tempers flared both ways. lawrence said medical experts would prove club died from positional asphyxia, by laying unwired in her bed after mixing alcohol with prescription drugs. huguely was said to have said "nothing i did last night would have killed her." yeardley love's mother was first called to the stand where she broke down several times during opening statements in had to be consoled. she kept her composure as she told the court how police came to her to tell her that her daughter had died. her testimony was short and to the point, as was that from her sister and cousin, basically talking about going up to uva to gather her positions -- to gather her possessions after the
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death. her roommate and best friend was the last to see her alive and to first or find her dead, sobbed as she told the court that when she saw her badly injured body, it was too much for her to bear, so she went outside and called her own mother. she recalled how visibly upset club was when she found out days before she was found dead that huguely was dating another woman -- visibly upset love was. >> the defense opening statement said "he is not capable of maintaining ally. he is not complicated. he is not complex. he is at 8 lacrosse player." kallman certification, wbal tv 11 news. >> our interactive timeline includes updates and pictures on an extended coverage section of
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our website, >> dennis callahan passed away this morning after suffering a heart attack at his home. he had been elected mayor of annapolis in 1985 and served until 1989. the current mayor directed that all city blacks creek -- at half staff until mr. callahan has been laid to rest. -- that all city flags fly at half staff until mr. callahan has been laid to rest. >> the start of the college lacrosse season means incredibly high expectations for one local school, and their coach could not care less. i doubt what, later in sports. >> a wintry mix continues in the area tonight. i know what to expect as we head to the end of the week. 36 at
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>> as campaign season heats up, something we hear a lot about is super pac. organizations pouring major dollars into the 2012 presidential race with little disclosure. there are other big players spending millions on tv ads to help or hurt candidates. the money trail is even more secretive than the super pac. >> this is really a powerful tool for them, to be able to shape the outcome of the election in complete secrecy. >> but who is behind these
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expensive advertising campaigns? jayne miller special investigation, secret money, tonight at 11:00. >> prompted by the events that unfolded at penn state last year, lawmakers in annapolis want to make it a criminal offense to failed to report child abuse or neglect. david collins joins us live from the state house with the latest. >> there is now competing legislation with the same goal, to protect children. the current law urges everyone to report suspected child abuse, but it does not provide the authority to prosecute those who do not. >> emotions are still raw for this schoolteacher, still haunted by the deaf but reject the death of an 8-year-old back in 1998 -- still haunted by the
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death of an 8-year-old back in 1998. no one came to rescue the child. the state does not have the power to prosecute those who do not report abuse and neglect. a new bill makes it punishable by up $1,000 fine and a year in jail. >> we want to be able to save a child who has been a victim of abuse. many times it goes unreported. >> people will be on notice and they realized they have a duty and a legal obligation to report it. >> it child abuse or neglect is suspected -- the current law exempts clergy or attorneys from reporting if they become aware of these privileged communications. the proposed legislation does not stifle the language. >> you can make it a civil
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offense where you can be forced to pay a fine for not doing it, but not actually face jail time. let's see if that works before we go ahead and create another crime. >> it is better to work on prevention issues rather than criminalize things pitcairn >> after her car was killed compaq -- after her daughter was completely caught -- repeatedly molested by a coach. >> there should be a law that requires teachers to protect our children from these situations. >> this is the fifth time the legislation has come before the general assembly. it has failed four times in the last eight years. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> precipitation so far has been pretty light, with the
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temperatures running above freezing in most areas, it has been manageable. we are getting reports of light accumulations on grassy areas and the colder surfaces in the northern areas. there is a dusting in many locations. in parts of harford county, cecil county, snow showers are tracking through and might add another half-inch or snow. it still looks like the pavement temperatures and roadways are warm, so it will be melting entente -- melting of contact in those areas. there is still the potential for a few slick spot. the highs for the most part were well above freezing, so it did not cause a lot of problems, but now we have falling temperatures and as we approach the freezing point in the northern suburbs, that is where some additional light
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accumulations could occur. edgewood at 33, the same numbers as you head ever toward chestertown. almost 2 inches in northern frederick county and northern parts of carroll county also getting some snow accumulation. it is much warmer down to the south where it is basically a rain event. from cecil county back to frederick county is where those slick spot may occur. maybe an inch of snow fall in some spots, grassy areas and colder surfaces. it will gradually taper off after midnight and clear as we head toward thursday morning. thursday and friday look like a couple of bright, sunny days. northwest winds at 5-10 and lows of 26-32 degrees. low pressure producing all this wintry weather of the mountain and it will pass through tonight
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and move off the coast. changes are on the way for the weekend. ahead of colder air to the north. that front will comes out over the weekend and it will turn sharply colder with a few more snow showers on saturday. sunny skies returned tomorrow, 43-48 degrees. it will be even colder, highs only in the 20's in amounts over the weekend, with some snow coming down. near 50 on friday, and on the lower eastern shore, wet weather tonight and then sunshine tomorrow. the forecast, temperatures in baltimore may approach 50 on friday before the arctic front arrives with snow showers saturday, flurries on sunday, and we can high temperatures will little note -- zero little below normal. >> after he arrived in maryland with a splash, danielle brian
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appears close to leaving school. -- danny gorrer o'brien. several reports said o'brien said he was leaving. officials said they could not confirm or deny his plans to leave. on his twitter account, o'brien said "contrary to rumor, i am still a a terp." playing their way into the n.c.a.a. tournament remains a challenge for the maryland men's basketball team but the season has taken on a brighter outlook with a win last night on the road. it takes the mission in possible out of getting to march madness. maryland had a 14-point lead in the second half. a game-high 27 points for maryland. clemson got hot, with booker inside. look out, here come the tigers
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at home. the final minutes, the inside game working for the terps. the terps were up by 8 two. andrea young for clemson from 35, off the rim, and maryland wins, 64-62. and they will head to duke on saturday. once the weather gets bad, you know lacrosse season has to start soon. it starts in the dead of winter and finishes in the heat of summer. lacrosse coaches gathered today to talk about the season ahead. johns hopkins heads into the season with the no. 2 ranking. maryland those in rank 7. bluecross head coach at johns hopkins knows something about rankings.
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-- bluecross head coach at johns hopkins. explains why he only cares about rankings after the season, not before. >> the whole rankings thing does not matter to us. it matters at one time of year, at the end of the year when there is only one number one team. only one team goes home happy. that is the only ranking that matters. >> the washington wizards have the third worst record in the nba this season. they will try to win back-to- back games tonight for the first time this season. they will probably have to start paying attention to detail. watch the bottom of your screen. the wizards last game monday. mcgee runs to the wrong side of the court until his teammates call him back. then he misses a shot and false .owntick
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stick around, tom tasselmyer will have the forecast right after this.
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>> after a baby was found inside a dumpster in harford county, will take a closer look at at the state safe haven law and a mother's rights. powerball fever is sweeping through maryland. these stories and more when you these stories and more when you join us tonig
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x the seven-day forecast, sunshine returns tomorrow. that is the winter we have become accustomed to. cold air returns to the weekend with clarice and snow showers on saturday. -- with flurries and snow showers. >> watch out for slippery streets tonight. thanks for joining us, everybody. we will see you at 11:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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